Fck You White Paper w/ Sander van Noort | Claire

datum: zaterdag 16 december 2017

Fck You White Paper w Sander van Noort | Claire

This December we're coming back to Claire with a brand new artist, Sander van Noort. The concept should be clear by now: Late night gallery adventures with upcoming artists, accompanied by our resident dj's.

Paper isn’t meant to be white. During our nights we celebrate the artists who have dedicated their lives to besmirch these fckers.

"I don’t work with any formula. I work with my tools and reflect on what I've done later. My work is constantly evolving. I don’t take any permanent shape. I can easily be engaged with three different things at the same time, which keeps my mind fresh. Actually, I am building a very large repository for ideas on what a painting should be, or how to approach painting in general. Thus I break the idea that an artist should have one thing what he or she develops slowly. Ultimately, everyone has their own handwriting, in my opinion it’s an art on itself that a handwriting can take multiple forms. " - Sander van Noort

More music can be found in Claire 1 and 2:
Claire: Benji B / Lil Silva / SIROJ

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